Wednesday, 18 April 2012


If things have been quiet on the blog lately it’s because typing has been a little challenging.

I broke my finger. Playing a ten-minute practice game of netball with a bunch of eleven-year-olds, would you believe. Oh, the shame. Poor little pinkie, it didn’t even get sacrificed in a noble cause, taking one for the team. My real team was left without their shooter for the final game of the summer night comp. Bummer.

It wasn’t a massive break, just a little chip off the knuckle bone – but it’s surprising how awkward it made things. Typing, of course, was out. Alas, so was crochet. But even little things like opening jars, doing up your bra, carrying things, just general everyday stuff become much trickier without a full complement of fingers. You don’t think you use your little finger for much until it’s all strapped up and aching. Then suddenly you find a new appreciation for this often-overlooked digit.

However, it’s well enough now to type, so Hi! Did you miss me?

Baby Duck has been concerned about the long break between posts, at least. He wants me to tell you that he planted his sunflower seed today. No longer is this symbolic piece of plant life growing on wet cotton wool on the kitchen windowsill. Today it discovered the world of real dirt, which it will probably appreciate more than Baby Duck did. He left the actual planting to me and “helped” by saying “yuk” a lot as my hands got messier. I guess farming is out as a career choice.

I’m very pleased to have a nearly normal range of movement back. I missed crochet desperately. It’s become a real stressbuster for me. And heaven knows, with our neverending renovation in its eighth agonising month now, I need all the stressbusting I can get.

I busted out a big hook and a chunky ball of wool from the stash the other night and celebrated my return to crochet by making a quick cowl.

Please to avert your eyes from the hideous lines on my neck and be admiring instead of glorious crochet. Look, look! Completed project! In only one night!! My God, I may run out of exclamation marks!!!!

It was very simple. I chained 130, joined the chain, then crocheted rows of (US) double crochet till I ran out of wool. I had planned it to go round my neck twice but it ended up too big and loose. So big it actually goes around three times, so it’ll just be extra snuggly.

Next day, still making up for lost time, I tried a pattern I’d found on the internet here and made a baby hat with ears. Oh my God. I nearly died of the cuteness. I wanted to run straight out and accost people in the street till I found a newborn head to try it on. Fortunately Drama Duck suggested a saner alternative, so here we have my ancient baby doll modelling the bear ears hat.

Isn’t it adorable??

Plus [cue exclamation marks] it’s Another Finished Project!!

Hey, I could get to like this finishing stuff thing.


  1. I was reading the Material Obsession blog and came across your photo. Would love to catch up but hesitate to put too much personal information here. Fiona

  2. Hope the finger is better and you get more stitching and crochet done!

    1. Thanks! I've got big plans this week, stitching lots of little owls and powering through a crochet poncho. Making up for lost time!

  3. Don't forget to do some writing, too!

    1. Indeed. Things have been pretty dead in the writing department. Hope you're being more productive than me!

  4. I once broke the little finger on my non-dominant hand and, you're right. Even the least-used finger is used for all kinds of things. Glad you're healing!

    Also, I am glad you didn't have to accost any newborns. I imagine parents would not take kindly to hearing, "I don't even need your whole child, just his head." ;-D

    1. That's the trouble with those pesky new parents -- no sense of humour!